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Website Development

I have developed a variety of different websites to meet the needs of the different clients
I have served. Ranging from just a few pages to 25-page sites, I can happily accommodate
whether a large or small site is what you're looking for. The types of websites I design are CMS
(content management system) with e-commerce, blog, SEO, and mobile optimization features
included in them. Please visit my website: for samples of my work in these areas.

Graphic Design

Whether your graphic design needs are print or digital in nature, I can get take them from a basic
concept or idea and develop them into something visually appealing and effective in communication.
Some things you may be interested in may include:

• Marketing/Branding Strategy (logo development/redesign)
• Tri-fold pamphlets
• Quarterly Reports
• In-office materials (employee handbook, procedure/protocol signs, etc).
• 5 X 7 mailer campaigns
• Informational Brochures
• Business Cards
• Billboards
• Posters
• Banners
• Digital Ads
• Signage
• Promotional Material
• Labels

Please visit my website: for samples of my work in these areas.

Social Media Management

• Establish your brand on social media platforms
• Design social media strategies to achieve your marketing targets
• Content Creation that is high quality
• Track and analyze insights and analytics
• Ad generation and promotions (driving clicks, conversions and leads)

2 Social media platform examples I am currently managing:

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